Studies Show SG Kids Who Learn Piano Are Smarter

Did you know that playing a musical instrument, such as a piano, improves your brain development positively? These beneficial effects are even more pronounced in younger pianists! This is because younger pianists’ brains are still in development, and therefore, it’s easier to boost their development than an adult. If you are an adult, you should learn piano today to start becoming smarter!

Therefore, if you have a child, send him or her to more private piano lessons in Singapore instead of endless tuition. By sending your child to piano lessons in Singapore, he or she will get smarter and improve their grades overall, on top of going for subject specific tuition. This way, your child will be able to trump other children in Singapore and get potentially the President’s Scholar award 😉

If you want your child to get smarter while learning a skill and playing a musical instrument such as the piano, make sure to contact, a piano teacher-student match up agency in Singapore to help you look for the best private piano tutors in Singapore.

3 Easy Steps To Find The Right Piano Teacher In Singapore

Here are 3 simple steps you can use to find the best piano teacher in Singapore for yourself or your child.

The first step you should take is to first figure out what type of lessons you need. Generally speaking, there are four categories of piano lessons in Singapore, and some teachers specialize in certain areas. They are namely:

  • Adults piano lessons
  • Kids piano lessons
  • Casual lessons meant to master pop songs
  • Structured lessons meant to help you pass ABRSM graded examinations

You need to first know which 2 categories you are in before you go out and search for a music teacher.

The second step you should take after knowing which two categories you fall into (see above step 1) is to decide if you want home piano teachers or learn from a music school at a nearby shopping centre in Singapore. Both home piano teachers and school teachers charge approximately the same amount of fees. Therefore, your decision should be based on other criteria, and not the tuition fees. If you are a serious learner and are tight on travelling time, then make sure to pick a private piano teacher and take lessons at your home instead (make sure to get a piano, not a keyboard). This is generally the recommended route to take for all serious learners. This is because to truly master playing the piano, constant practice is necessary. Without a piano at home, you will be hard pressed to truly be a master at piano skills. Additionally, once you have gotten a piano at your home already, why bother going to a music school when you can pay the same amount and have a professional ABRSM or Trinity College accredited teacher teach you in the comfort of your home?

Third of all, if you have decided to take the same route as I took several months ago and want to look for a private piano teacher, realize that the easiest way to achieve this is to simply ask a friend for a recommendation if you think that friend has great piano skills! If that cannot be achieved because you do not know anyone who learns the piano – do not worry! Simply go online and search for piano teacher-student match up agencies and you will get matched up for free. These agencies only charge teachers a fee so you won’t have to pay extra as a result of using their free services.

Private Piano Lessons Or Music Schools? Where Should Your Child Go?

Many parents in Singapore want their children to learn the piano. Many kids in Singapore also want to learn the piano because many of their friends know how to play the piano. However, as a parent, you will have to make the choice to send your child to a music school, or engage a teacher to go to your house for private piano lessons. Which one is better for your child? Private piano lessons or music schools? Let us explore this topic.

First of all, does your child learn better in a group or in a one to one situation? The cost price for both music schools and a private piano teacher is approximately the same, so costs does not matter. What matters more is your child’s learning style. Some kids learn better in a group setting while others learn better in a private setting. Check with your child, and then make a decision partly based on this.

Second of all, you want to make sure that the piano teacher you engage for private piano lessons is good. This is usually achieved by asking students for recommendations or simply look online for an agency to help you out. Usually agencies only charge teachers a fee, and you don’t pay anything extra as a result of engaging their matching services to a private piano teacher. If you want your child to go to a music school, then there’s only two real music schools in Singapore – Yamaha or Cristofori. Teachers there are all about of the same calibre.

Third of all, you should look at your child’s and your own schedule. Chances are, your child is still young, and still in school. Therefore, you have to see whether his or her school and CCAs allow him or her enough time to travel to a music school to learn the piano. If his or her schedule is busy, then engaging a private piano teacher in Singapore is a better option.

As you can see above, it really depends on your child’s schedule and learning preferences. There is no single solution which fits all children who wants to learn the piano in Singapore. Make sure to make the right choice according to the above consideration criteria and your child should do just fine.