Studies Show SG Kids Who Learn Piano Are Smarter

Did you know that playing a musical instrument, such as a piano, improves your brain development positively? These beneficial effects are even more pronounced in younger pianists! This is because younger pianists’ brains are still in development, and therefore, it’s easier to boost their development than an adult. If you are an adult, you should learn piano today to start becoming smarter!

Therefore, if you have a child, send him or her to more private piano lessons in Singapore instead of endless tuition. By sending your child to piano lessons in Singapore, he or she will get smarter and improve their grades overall, on top of going for subject specific tuition. This way, your child will be able to trump other children in Singapore and get potentially the President’s Scholar award 😉

If you want your child to get smarter while learning a skill and playing a musical instrument such as the piano, make sure to contact, a piano teacher-student match up agency in Singapore to help you look for the best private piano tutors in Singapore.